BEN ROCK (Director, co-creator) makes people very uncomfortable until they are eventually okay with it. As the production designer for “The Blair Witch Project”, Ben designed the iconic stickman figure and crawled around in the woods with night vision goggles in order to help make some cinematic history. Since then he wrote and/or directed multiple Blair Witch spin-offs as well as cutting-edge viral content to promote “Hellboy”, “The 4400”, and “True Blood”. He directed the Warner Brothers/Raw Feed sci-fi feature film “Alien Raiders” and hopes you know the title wasn’t his idea. He is a proud member of Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood, where he directed the main-stage productions “Baal”, “Richard III” and the upcoming “Occupation”. He and his wife Alicia have two dogs that can swallow a man whole, so just think twice before breaking into his house. 

BOB DEROSA (Writer, co-creator) believes that The Little Engine could cuz of sheer fucking force of will. The Florida-born screenwriter has written for the big screen (“Killers”, “The Air I Breathe”) and the small (“White Collar”). After graduating from the University of Florida with an advertising degree that he will never ever use, he returned home to Orlando and co-founded the award-winning comedy troupe THEM. He moved to Los Angeles and eventually joined Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood, where he is a regular contributor to the ongoing late-night series “Serial Killers”. When he’s not writing, Bob studies Kenpo karate and spends time with his wife Jen and their three kids, who look suspiciously like cats. 

CAT PASCIAK (Producer) is tougher than you. She survived an actual dust storm while shooting the X-Box documentary “Atari: Game Over” and as a producer on numerous reality TV series, she survived…all of it. Yeesh. She weathered many icy winters growing up in Buffalo, NY, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston, MA. In high school, she was voted “Most Likely To Personally Procure A Pig’s Heart For A Video Shoot” and wouldn’t you know it, she did just that for “20 Seconds To Live”. Despite her tough exterior, she still considers herself a hopeless romantic at heart (her heart, not the pig's.)